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F-Series Cylinder Offers High Performance in a Compact Package

The performance and dependability required to resist challenging operating conditions and achieve high throughput—both of which are typical requirements for the food and beverage, packaging and automotive industries—are typically not offered by light-duty pneumatic actuators. Most air cylinders will malfunction or perform poorly, causing expensive downtime. However, FABCO-AIR’s F Series of light-duty cylinders overcomes these difficulties by offering an affordable, strong, and easy-to-install pneumatic actuator for demanding applications.

Cost-effective and Easy Interchangeability
A good method to meet budgetary restrictions without compromising performance is to use a F Series cylinder. In fact, these cylinders are so inexpensive that buying a new one rather than repairing an old one as it reaches the end of its useful life is more cost-effective. Additionally, F Series units are directly interchangeable, bore for bore and option for option, with other top-tier pneumatic cylinder brands.

Robust, Long-lasting Performance

The F Series is maintenance-free and has a longer lifespan than most other cylinders in its class thanks to a specific petroleum-based lubricant. The design includes a drawn and polished 304 stainless steel tube to increase service life and increase durability even further. The piston is made of high-strength aluminum, while the rods are made of 303 stainless steel that has been machined, polished, and roller-burnished.

The F Series cylinders can withstand tough washdown situations due to their exceptional durability. To keep it free of dirt and other impurities, each cylinder has Buna-N U-cup rod and piston seals. Full-flow ports and cross-slots on each end cap of these light-duty cylinders enable them to perform well and respond quickly. The design enables rapid passage of air to the seal and piston areas.

Modifications Available

Even though many standard options are available, some high-precision applications could call for a customized cylinder. The F Series cylinder can be customized in a variety of ways, including with longer stroke lengths or magnetic piston alternatives for cylinder positioning sensing. For challenging washdown situations, stainless steel end caps are also offered for the F Series cylinders.

Highlighted Specifications

  • Available in 10 bore sizes from 9/16 to 3 inches
  • Standard stroke lengths up to 32 inches
  • Pressure rated to 250 psi pneumatic service